Daily Horror Film Fest: The Toothbrush

Every day in October, the Department of Tangents Blog & Podcast is presenting a different short horror film as part of the Daily Horror Film Fest. Today’s entry is The Toothbrush, written, directed, and edited by Jack Vang and Jimmy Ren.

Maybe I should have spaced these out better and not posted this so soon after Killer Kart, a wonderful short about a murderous shopping cart. Both Kart and Toothbrush are about the menace of innocent everyday objects. I am betting, though, dear readers, that you will be up for more when you see this one.

Two buddies hanging out playing video games (not the latest high-tech sword and laser gun extravaganza – they are playing Space Invader. I love that). One has a son who has to brush his teeth before bed, the other is philosophically opposed to brushing teeth. Chemicals, don’t you know. Yes. That’s the danger. Keep telling yourself that, sir. It’s the chemicals. The chemicals.

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