Daily Horror Film Fest: Zombie Survival Guide

Every day in October, the Department of Tangents Blog & Podcast brings you a different short horror film as part of the Daily Horror Film Fest. Some are bloody, some are funny, and some, like today’s entry, Zombie Survival Guide by Bettina Gericke and Chris Meyer, are instructional.

Max Brooks’s Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection fro the Living Dead is the classic text for humans who want to stay alive in the inevitable zombie apocalypse. It’s thoughtful and thorough, but there’s just one problem – what if you’re already a zombie? What about complete protection for the living dead? No one thinks about them. They’re new to being zombies, and likely to make a lot of mistakes that will allow a human to beat the odds and slaughter whole herds.

But Gericke and Meyer have your back. If you have one. Gericke and Meyer have whatever’s left of you. In this short, they give you all the basics – types of zombies, types of zombie food, helpful tips for holding on to your prey. It doesn’t cover everything, like, how do I know what herd to join or how do I keep quiet until a human is in striking distance to give myself the best chance to taste flesh before I get an arrow in my head? Those are more advanced questions, and may not be teachable.

So, in honor of tonight’s Walking Dead season eight premiere, and to increase your changes of a happy life after death, take a look at this.

Zombie Survival Guide from Chris Meyer on Vimeo.

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