Daily Horror Film Fest: Killer Kart

Every day through October, the Department of Tangents Blog & Podcast is presenting a different short horror film as part of the Daily Horror Film Fest. Today’s entry is Killer Kart, a 2012 Screamfest Official Selection written and directed by James Feeney.

I enjoyed the hell out of this short. Like it’s spiritual cousin Rubber, Killer Kart takes an utterly ridiculous, over the top premise and somehow makes a convincing horror film out of it. There are so many wonderful details here, like when our protagonist is scanning the parking lot looking for whatever harmed her boyfriend and can’t even consider the cart (spoiler alert: it’s the cart). I adore the fact that she covers her mouth at one point to keep the cart from hearing her. Kudos to the cast Christine Rodriguez, Ray Bouchard, Britt Gordon, and Elly Schaefer for completely buying into this world and making it believable.

Enjoy this. It’s top-notch kitsch. And be careful at the grocery store. Who know what lurks?

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