Daily Horror Film Fest: Diary of a Wimpy Alien 2 – Predator Rules

Every day in October, the Department of Tangents Blog & Podcast is presenting a different horror film as part of the Daily Horror Film Fest. Creepy, scary, funny, gonzo – you’ll get every kind of horror this month. Every Thursday, we’ll be presenting a new horror parody from And You Films, and Brendan Jackson Rogers, director of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Rogers also directed all of the parody shorts, which he wrote with Will Phillips.

Last week, we gave you Diary of a Wimpy Alien, an Alien/Diary of a Wimpy Kid mashup about an awkward xenomorph doing his best to fit in. This week’s entry is the sequel, Diary of a Wimpy Alien 2 – Predator Rules. “After tackling the horrors of school, we wanted to see our wimpy alien take on home life, where his brother, the Predator waits to endlessly torment him,” says Rogers. “Also it was a great excuse to buy a Predator mask.”

This Alien vs Predator battle takes place at a house party, the kind you used to see in Sixteen Candles or Weird Science, complete with the requisite “clean this mess up before mom and dad get home” montage.

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