Video: Nate Leavitt & The Elevation “Someone Send A Signal”

Nate Leavitt & The Elevation have released a gorgeous and emotional video for the title track of their latest EP, Someone Send A Signal. It shows a series of strangers at moments in their lives when they feel alone and maybe about to give up. But giving up isn’t the point of the song, or the video.

“Swept up in the undertow, drowning on my own like a child; Someone send a signal, I think I might be out here a while,” says Leavitt, quoting the chorus of the song. “We’ve all had those moments of being overwhelmed by and swept up in emotion so strong that it might never feel differently. The song and video may come across as heavy-hearted, but never hopeless.”

Leavitt was one of the first guests on the Department of Tangents Podcast, followed shortly by Brendan Boogie, a filmmaker and musician who co-directed this video with Leticia De Bortoli and plays bass in the Elevation.

“Even though the subject matter was intimate, the scope of the production was actually quite ambitious,” says Boogie. “We shot on rooftops and beaches, under highways and underwater. Of course, weather refused to be consistently cooperative. We also dropped a light in the pool when Willie was in it. We’re lucky we didn’t electrocute the poor guy.”

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