Songs: Mark Geary’s Gorgeous “Adam and Eve” Live in Portugal

When I spoke with Mark Geary for The Department of Tangents Podcast EP63, he had just gotten back from playing shows in Portugal. We spoke about those shows, and the prospect of a singer/songwriter who writes such beautiful words playing in an environment where there might be a language barrier. I just noticed this YouTube video, posted by Geary last week, of one of those performances. There is no language barrier here as Geary collaborates on a gorgeous, soaring version of his song “Adam and Eve,” originally recorded for his 2002 album 33 1/3 Grand Street.

Geary does not currently have any US dates posted, but if you live in or are visiting Europe in the next couple of months, you might be in luck. Check back on his Facebook page, and if you get the chance, make a point to see him live.

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