Daily Horror Film Fest: Nothing Happens

There are only three days left for the Daily Horror Film Fest, so I thought I’d give everyone a little break from the terror. Today’s entry is Nothing Happens, written by Melissa Pleckham and directed by Ken Ramos, with music by Ramos and Dave Small. And the music is important here, because it’s the main source of tension.

This fake trailer features long steadycam shots, slowly creeping up on ominous images – a swing with no child, an axe, a closed door. And then… well. The title gives that away.

I found this one at the Salem Horror Fest’s “Wicked Shorts” program this year. There were a lot of strong contenders on the slate, including one insane VR experience, and I’m looking forward to what this first-year festival will do in its second year. I hope full versions of some of the shorts I saw will be available for next year’s Daily Horror Film Fest.

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