Daily Horror Film Fest: Vienna Waits for You

It’s the final weekend of the Daily Horror Film Fest, and I have a film for you that’s a little longer than usual. I figure it’s Saturday, so maybe you have a little more time for a good horror story. Today’s entry is Vienna Waits for You, written by Sarah Wassermair and directed by Dominik Hartl and starring Petra Staduan.

This one is a doozy in the evil inanimate objects class. You’ve heard of a haunted house, how ‘bout a living, vengeful apartment. Anna needs a place to stay after she moves to Vienna to be with her boyfriend and he dumps her. She finds a sweetheart deal when an old woman decides to leave her place and travel the world. The new digs seem great, until Anna tries to clean up. Nothing will stay clean. And suddenly she’s got grey hair. As is always the case in a horror story, there’s a reason why the apartment was so cheap. And it’ll cost her.

This is a great, inventive story, wonderfully conceived and shot. The effects are tailored to the story like a solo trumpet in a jazz standard, just what’s needed to bring it to life. And the resolution is perfect. Enjoy.

Vienna waits for you from Glaciar Films on Vimeo.

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