Daily Horror Film Fest: One Last Dive

Every day in October, the Department of Tangents is presenting a different short horror film as part of the Daily Horror Film Fest. Today’s entry is one of the best quick-hit jolts you’ll get all month in this series. It’s called One Last Dive, written, directed, and edited by Jason Eisner for “The 3:07 AM Project.” Vice and The Conjuring sponsored four short films in 2013, around the time of the release of the feature film, all set at 3:07 AM.

Eisner is best known for directing Hobo With A Shotgun and segments for the ABC’s of Death and V/H/S/2 horror anthologies, and he’s currently at work on something provocatively labeled “Untitled Underwater Jason Eisner Film” on IMDB. So hopefully we’ll get more of this world from him.

I have spent hours lost in a YouTube wormhole watching the wonderful and frightening things that happen underwater. It’s an entirely different planet in the drink, and kudos to Eisner for taking advantage of the inherent creepiness – the muted sound, the random movement, the isolation – in this film. It’s just a minute long, so enjoy the film and get back to the rest of your weekend on dry land.

One Last Dive from jasoneisener on Vimeo.

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