Daily Horror Film Fest: The Maiden

Every day through October, the Department of Tangents is brining you a different short horror film. Some just plain scary, some with a little humor. Today’s entry is The Maiden, written and directed by Michael Chaves, who is reportedly working on a feature-length version.

Yes, this is a horror film, and a gorgeous one, as that. Musty and atmospheric, you can almost smell the sunbaked dust in the old mansion and feel the dry heat in every ancient, non-air conditioned room. But let it not be lost that this is the most dedicated real estate agent in the market. If you’ve ever sold your home, you may think it was a chore to stage. Maybe you had to scrub that smell out of your damp basement walls or repaint a couple of rooms. But you didn’t have to scrub a pentagram from a hardwood floor – and who knows what that was painted with. And you likely didn’t have to swallow your fear of that… thing… the one that keeps floating around behind you and sneaking up on you.

Our woman here does all that, and negotiates a price. And all is well until… well, spoilers. Watch it here.

THE MAIDEN – short horror film from Michael Chaves on Vimeo.

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