My Favorite! Bacon and Eggs with Comedian DJ Hazard

Welcome to the first edition of the new My Favorite! column, a weekly celebration of all things joyful. The parameters are simple. I asked some creative friends to write a few sentences about something that gives them great joy. Could be anything. An album or painting. Rainy days. Or in this case, food.

DJ Hazard
“When you think the vast cosmos is nothing but an immense exploded Gilbert Chemistry Set without intention or design, I present the cruel joke of bacon and eggs. The fact that bacon and eggs isn’t health food couldn’t just happen. Add to that the fact that just looking at bacon and eggs probably takes five minutes off your life and you know there must be a cackling sadist out there beyond the comprehension of our tiny slug brains. Bacon and eggs are the irresistible lover that will stab you in your sleep like the love child of Sharon Stone and Glenn Close.”

DJ Hazard Photo SMALLDJ Hazard is a comedian, musician, actor, and writer currently based on Earth, although that is subject to change. He did a lot of strange and wonderful things in the Boston comedy scene, but now he lives in New York. You can keep up with his exploits at

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You can participate in the My Favorite! column. Just send me a paragraph or two about something that makes you delightfully happy, a short bio, and a photo of yourself. If you have a photo of the happy-making thing, that would be great to. Get in touch at

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