Department of Tangents Minicast: Tall Heights on Neptune, Busking, and 2017

Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, better known as Boston-based folk duo Tall Heights, are taking a little time to breathe to start off 2017. Last year, they released Neptune, their second full-length album and their first for major label Sony Masterworks. Neptune added some electronic wrinkles to the sound they had established on their first EP and album – two-part harmonies, cello, and acoustic guitar. It also took them around the US and Europe on tour, and landed them on NPR’s World Cafe and Mountain Stage.

I caught them at the end of the last tour, playing a hometown show at The Sinclair in Cambridge with local group The Western Den. They won’t be taking too much time off – they have plans to write and maybe record some demos while they’re home before they hit the road again in March, and they hope to have a new album out this year. That’s Tim, by the way, mostly in your left ear, and Paul with the deeper voice.

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