Coming Up: Lift To Experience reissue The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

Lift To Experience released just one album before they imploded, and it was a doozy. In 2001, Andy Young, Josh T. Pearson, and Josh Browning released their double-LP concept album, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, a psychedelic, apocalyptic rock and roll allegory. One of their chief critical admirers was legendary British John Peel, who recording three Peel sessions with the band in a span of five months. Then it was over, the band’s legacy secured with a single album and a few radio sessions.

In June, the band reunited for the 15th anniversary of the album’s release at Guy Garvey’s Meltdown in London. It must have jarred something loose, because they went back to The Echo Lab, the studio in Denton, Texas where the album was recorded, to remix The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads. The result hits stores February 3, 2017 in vinyl and CD formats, and as a vinyl box set including the Peel sessions and their 1997 demo. The band released a preview of the new mix last week, the opening track “Just As Was Told,” which vacillates between trippy narrative and complete musical chaos.

“Just As Was Told (2016 Mix)”

You can still find the official old mix on Amazon, if you can’t wait for the new and improved version. And there are some good live clips hunt down on YouTube that show how powerful the band could be. No plans at the moment for new material, but that could change once the reissue is released.

“Falling From Cloud 9 (Live)”

“With Cripples Wings (Live)”

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