Coming Up: Middle Kids

Sydney-based trio Middle Kids won’t release their debut six-song EP until early 2017, but they’ve given us a hint at what they’ll sound like with their first two singles. They released “Edge of Town” in May, and this official video for “Your Love” yesterday. It’s got a great, poppy bounce and an endearingly modest refrain, “Sometimes I want to give up on this love but then I hear you call.” This is the kind of song that makes you stop, take a deep breath, and tap your foot for a while.

This band really has a knack for refrains. What I like best about the first single, “Edge of Town,” is how they turn the phrase around in the last minute as the tempo speeds up, from the easy offer of relief, “Hey, guy, have you got something on your mind?/Tick, tock, could I take it for a while?” to the more urgent, “Hey, guys, I’ve got something on my mind/Tick, tock, could you take it for a while?” There’s an emotional shift there, a breakdown from trying to help to losing yourself and trying to withdraw. With so much ugliness trying to seep into everyone’s souls, it seems you’re always the former or the latter, depending on the day.

The band is slated to release their self-titled EP early in 2017, and have some US dates lined up around that time, with more dates to be added.

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