The Inbox: Larkin Poe, Neil Young, and Wafia

Every week, I get a pile of great stuff in my inbox, and I never have time to get to everything I like. “The Inbox” is my weekly attempt to throw more of these sounds and videos and some of that news your way.

1. Larkin Poe – “Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues”
Larkin Poe is the band name for Rebecca and Megan Lovell, a Nashville-based sister act who release their fourth album, Venom & Faith, on November 9. If you like slinky rock and roll wih chunky, overdriven guitars, harmonies, and some hot electric dobro leads, this is for you. Ride at your own risk.

2. Neil Young – “Ohio”
Young sent this video with the message “please vote,” and a link to a site that helps people find candidates for common-sense gun violence protection. The song was written about the Kent State Massacre in 1970, with the refrain “How many more?” Young recasts it with news footage of high school shootings in this solo electric version.

3. Wafia – “I’m Good”
Don’t let the breezy pop sound fool you. This is a cutting breakup tune. A “screw you/feel good” kinda thing. The narrator is finally feeling good, because she is by herself, better for her health. The person in her rearview? “Honestly, looks can be deceiving/You looked good from afar/But when you’re up close you’re a loser and you lower the bar.” Ouch. But then, as she says, “This song ain’t even about you.”

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