Daily Horror Film Fest: Yakshi

Every day during October, the Department of Tangents presents a different short film for the Daily Horror Film Fest. It can be flat-out scary, funny horror, or just plain creepy. Today’s entry is Yakshi, an Indian horror short written by Ashish Mohandas and directed by Vijendra Bhambhani, presented by VMB Films and Boathouse Media.

This one checks off a lot of boxes for urbans myths – a lone wanderer on an unfamiliar road, not one but two hitchhikers, a superstitious driver, and an evil spirit loose in the woods. The spirit in this case is the Yakshi, a witch-like creature said to appear to travelers in southern India as a woman in white. Yakshi are vicious hunters, and may or may not be shape shifters. Depends on who you ask.

The film is beautifully shot, and there’s a little bit of a Sam Raimi tribute fans should spot quite easily. And there’s obviously a Yakshi in this story, but don’t worry. She’s trapped in a tree by a well-placed nail. She can be of harm to no one unless… whoops.

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