Daily Horror Film Fest: Recon 6

Every day during October, the Department of Tangents presents a different short film for the Daily Horror Film Fest. It can be flat-out scary, funny horror, or just plain creepy. Some of them, as it turns out, are lovely. Today’s entry is Recon 6, written by James Govan and Blake Fraser and directed by Fraser.

This is the first official zombie short of the Fest, but it’s not a standard flesh-eating action story. The title refers to a drug called Recon 6 developed to prevent the progression of zombie-ism in people whose blood has been treated with a kind of miracle cure. The one side effect of the blood cure is that it turns some folks into zombies. Recon 6 is the fix.

One might imagine what could happen if you skip a few doses of Recon 6. At the very least, it makes for an awkward date night. Unless you meet someone who can relate to your problems in an odd sort of way. Everyone has their faults, right? True romance happens when your love is bigger than any obstacle you face together. Just try not to bite.

There are some subtle moments of kindness here — watch the man’s feet when he starts to talk to the woman on the bridge. There have been other zombie love stories before, but this is a fresh take.

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