Daily Horror Film Fest: The United Monster Talent Agency

Every day during October, the Department of Tangents presents a different short film for the Daily Horror Film Fest. It can be flat-out scary, funny horror, or just plain creepy. Today’s entry comes at the suggestion of Jason LeBlanc, whom I know from the Boston Horror Society, a Facebook meetup group for horror fans.

The film, The United Monster Talent Agency, comes from a very recognizable name to horror fans. The writer and director is Greg Nicotero, whose first big credit was assisting Tom Savini on George Romero’s Day of the Dead, and who is currently employed on The Walking Dead. In between, he’s designed makeup effects for some of the biggest movies in horror, and added producer and director to his credits. He also has some famous friends in comedy and horror, but I won’t spoil the cameos in this short. I will say I was delighted to see a podcast guest turn up in one scene. Feel free to discuss in the comments section.

The premise is wonderful – that all of those old classic monsters from the Universal films and beyond came from one particular talent agency. A fearsome roster had they, and one that apparently required a lot of dangerous upkeep. The film made the festival rounds in 2010, and carried the tagline, “We’ll have our people scare your people!”

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