DoT Podcast EP61: Emma Willmann is Killing It, Plus New Music from Wajatta

This episode is a continuation of EP60 of the podcast in that I got to see Emma Willman perform a lot at this year’s Women In Comedy Festival, and caught up with her by phone shortly after to talk about the festival and everything she’s got going on. She was on the last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and she’s waiting to hear about next season. She’s got a fifteen-minute Netflix special coming out on August 31. And a lot of her current momentum started with an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in September of 2016, which I wrote about for the Boston Globe here.

I had not seen Willmann do an extended set live in a while, and she absolutely crushed both times I saw her do stand-up at the festival. That happens sometimes, when a comedian goes away for a while and comes back, you notice how much they’ve grown more than you would have if you’d been watching them right along. And Willmann has taken at least a couple of leaps forward since she left Boston. I saw her do a short set on an NBC showcase and then a longer headlining set at her own show, plus a taping of the WICF-sponsored podcast Person About Town, which is up on right now if you’d care to head over there and listen when you’re done with this episode.

You can find out more about the festival at and more about Willmann at or follow her on Twitter @emmawillmann.

Our featured track this week is “Runnin’” from Wajatta, a collaboration between Reggie Watts and producer John Tejada, a bigwig in the underground DJ scene. Most people probably know Watts as either James Corden’s bandleader or from his time on Comedy Bang! Bang! But if you’ve seen him live, you know what a comic and musical genius the man is. He makes loops and improvs lyrics and sounds and ideas in front of an audience, and it’s like nothing you’ve seen. Watts provided the hooks and loops and Tejada produced the final product, a spacey, dance-minded collection of grooves and hooks. The album is called Casual High Technology, and it was released May 11 on Comedy Dynamics.

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