DoT Minicast: Broken Lizard in Boston on Super Troopers 2

Two weeks ago, the guys from Broken Lizard came to Boston to hand out doughnuts and coffee to a bunch of appreciative fans to promote their new movie, Super Troopers 2, which is out this Friday, April 20. The guys were there for nearly two hours, taking pictures with fans and signing everything from DVDs and beat up old VHS copies of the original film to baseballs and bottles of maple syrup. When that was winding down, I got to speak with Erik Stolhanske and Steve Lemme about the sequel, and the legacy of the original film.

What added an extra level of fun to this was that sixteen years earlier, I had covered the troupe when they originally previewed Super Troopers in Boston. I interviewed them back then on their tour bus – Boston was the 18th stop on their college tour. I reminded them of that, and they had a couple of memories of their trip here. I dug up that tape, so after the most recent interview, you’ll get a couple snippets of Broken Lizard from February of 2002. It is an actual cassette tape, so I had to clean it up, but there is a bit of tape noise leftover.

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