DoT Podcast EP53: Comedian Jenny Zigrino and Guest Co-Host Jessie Baade with New Music from Matt Minigell

Jenny Zigrino is still very much a comic on the rise. In the past two years, she has played notable roles in films like Bad Santa 2 and Fifty Shades of Black. Last year, she released her debut album, JZ’s New Album, had her own Comedy Central Half Hour, and co-hosted an IFC digital series called The Filling Is Mutual with Jen Saunderson. In 2018, she’s already appeared on Live from Here (formerly Prairie Home Companion) and has a Web series debuting in March for Comedy Central called Bad Ass Bitches of History.

I covered her when she was getting started in stand-up in Boston a few years back, and for this interview, brought along a mutual friend, comedian and actor Jessie Baade. That made for a fun conversation, talking of course about Zigrino’s current projects and future plans, but also about the body-positive and sex-positive philosophy she applied in her stand-up, the power of burlesque, the isolation of touring, and a lot more.

We started the conversation talking about a podcast Zigrino and fellow comedian Gary Petersen had thought of producing in which they cured their boredom on tour by creating characters inspired by the people they meet. They abandoned the idea, but I’m hoping not forever.

Our featured track this week comes from former podcast guest Matt Minigell, who appeared way back in Episode 14 with Mary Lou Lord and Annabelle Lord-Patey. He’s got a new album out now called Guts, and the featured track from that, “Even In My Dreams (I’m Falling),” is available now on BandCamp.

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