DoT Podcast EP47: Glenn Page of The Len Price 3, New Comedy from Tommy Ryman

I first heard The Len Price 3 years ago on a Christmas compilation Little Steven put together for his Underground Garage show. When I spoke with Steven about the album, it was clear he was a big fan of the band, which is more than enough of an endorsement for anyone who loves rock and roll. I was thrilled when I got the advance of their new album, Kentish Longtails, which came out in September of 2017. The first thing that hits you about the album is the loud, brash mashup of classic British bands like the Kinks, the Who, and the Beatles, all delivered with a punk attitude. Keep listening, though, and you’ll hear a more gentle side of the band. The Len Price 3 can be biting or beautiful. They can make you want to throw yourself into a frenzy or smile and tap your toe.

Here’s “Childish Words” from Kentish Longtails:

Page has been thinking recently about how many of the songs he writes are the result of negative feelings in his day-to-day life, which is a contrast to his more easygoing countenance. “I have to put all the bad vibes somewhere,” he says. “So they go into a box called ‘songwriting.’”

A lot of musicians and comedians I’ve interviewed are on a much more even keel in person than onstage, and that jibes with what Page has seen from his musician friends. But their stage personas precede them, which led to Page and the band being called “perverts” at one gig for rejecting the alcohol backstage and requesting a cup of tea.

I am very happy to present to you this episode of the Department of Tangents Podcast featuring an interview with Glenn Page, the singer/guitarist/songwriter at the center of The Len Price 3. We had a long and often delightful conversation covering everything from that punkish sensibility to songwriting influences to the ins and outs of being a working band. If you’re an independent musician, a lot of the “making of” part of this conversation might resonate.

Before we spoke, I listened to the album a dozen times or so. I had never spoken with Page before, and listening to the vitriol in some of the tunes, I wondered if I would be facing that same kind of snarl. I needn’t have worried. Page is nothing if not a gentleman, and I look forward to catching up with him again on this podcast the next time the band releases a new album, which Page hints might be something a little different.

As always, the podcast ends with a featured track, either music or comedy, from a new or recent release. This episode, it’s “New Age Parents” from comedian Tommy Ryman’s new album, “Having the Time Of My Life,” out January 19 on Stand Up! Records. It’s a little insight into Ryman’s run on Last Comic Standing and the people who raised him.

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