DoT Podcast EP45: Boston Comic Con Part I

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? This is more like July in Christmas. Or August in Christmas. This is kind of a lost episode, in that I had meant to publish it much earlier, but it kept getting bumped for interviews I felt needed to get out there first. I gathered a bunch of interviews with artists, writers, and creators at Boston Comic Con in August, and this is Part I of a two-part series. I spoke with Gordon McAlpin, creator of the Multiplex Web comic, Michael Denison of the Bea Arthur-centric Bea A Day, a collage artist who makes pop culture scenes out of action figures and old television sets and Ben Goldsmith and Kayla Velario, the creative team behind the Séance Room comic.

It has been a while since I posted a podcast, and there’s a reason for that. I was working episode-to-episode, so any little thing could knock me off track. While the Department of Tangents Podcast has been off, I’ve been collecting new interviews and setting up a few things I hope you’ll like. In January, the podcast will return in earnest with new episodes every week. I have a lot of music for you to look forward to – The Lowest Pair, Matt York, and the Len Price 3. And more comedy and horror in the works.

I’ll still be featuring a new song or comedy set from new albums, and I’ll have plenty of interviews with musicians, comedians, filmmakers, writers, and more. Drinking from the fire hose of music, comedy, and horror. For this episode, I have a song from VanWyck called “An Average Woman,” the title track from her upcoming album, out January 19. Find out more about her at .

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