DoT Podcast EP33: My Infinite Tuesdays with Michael Nesmith, New Music from Banditos

Back in April, Michael Nesmith released his book Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff, his take on his 50 years in music, film, and video, with a healthy dose of philosophy. I’d gotten an advance copy, and immediately pitched a feature to Kirkus Reviews, and I was thrilled when they accepted. That piece appeared around the time the book came out — you can read it here. This is my description of Infinite Tuesday from the Kirkus Reviews:

That’s what Infinite Tuesday is—an impressionistic collection of memories that, when viewed together, create a picture of what it has been like to be Michael Nesmith for the past fifty-plus years.

As often happens, the conversation was wide-ranging, covering everything from the Monkees to Tapeheads to the nature of memory and the place of video in pop culture. Nesmith is very easy to talk to, open to any subject and thoughtful about how he answers. We spoke for nearly an hour, about the nature of memory when it comes to writing a memoir, the idea of “the collective unconscious” from Repo Man, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, about the Monkees and his solo material, and about the time his idol Bo Diddley pinched my mom’s butt. There was a lot there, and it flowed nicely, and I wanted to share that so parts wouldn’t be left on my hard drive.

After the conversation, a track called “Healin’ Slow” from Banditos from their new album Visionland. If you are a fan of Alabama Shakes and The New Pornographers, I think you’ll enjoy it. Catch them on tour this summer with Lucero.

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