DoT Podcast EP27 The Comedians of Awkward Sex and the City and New Music from Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

For EP27 of the podcast, I talked to the comedians of the Awkward Sex and the City tour, including the show’s creator, Natalie Wall. Wall started the show in New York City, where it runs every month with a revolving groups of guest storytellers at an adult toy store called The Pleasure Chest on the Upper East Side. Wall says she wanted to do something a little different, and she’s always been comfortable talking about sex and dating. So she started a blog first, and then enlisted some comedian friends to turn it into a showcase show. It’s developed a bit over the past five years or so, and now has a new stable of regular comedians — Anita Flores, Bobby Hankinson, Karolena Theresa, and Jen Keefe. I spoke with all five of them at Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston about Awkward Sex stories, and what drew them to talking about it.

I spoke with Wall about how the show got started. “I like universal themes that are kind of taboo,” she says, “especially for women to talk about.”

The stories cover a wide range of activities, from sweet to graphic, and you would think after a while, Wall would run out of people who want to discuss the most intimate details of their lives so publicly. Some have shied away, but Wall has not faced a shortage thus far. “Most people are like, ‘Yes, put me on the show!” she says. “I’ve got a thousand stories, let me do the show a thousand times.”

After the conversation, keep listening for a new track from Bloodshot Records recording artists Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, “Nothin’ Feels Right But Doin’ Wrong,” from their new album Sidelong. It’s a great, raucous, twangy song, something any Americana or rock and roll fan should want to check out.

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