Kickstarters: Johnny Angel Wendell Makes Some Noise About Sex and Politics

Musician/novelist/radio host Johnny Angel Wendell created a Kickstarter campaign for his new project, an EP called Smut and Politics, on March 20, and it had already beaten its fundraising goal just over a week later. He’ll record four new songs, two of them about sex (“SIZE!” and “Eternal Bliss/Satan’s Kiss”) and two of them about politics (“Hunker Down” and “Guillotine”), working at home with a producer and fleshing out an acoustic sound with bass, percussion, and electric guitar.

If you’re friends or a fan of Wendell’s on Facebook, you know he is no fan of President Donald Trump, whom he calls “President Pig Bladder.” Trump inspired the two political songs. “I’ll say this for Trump,” says Wendell, “he can really re-light a muse.”

When I got in touch yesterday, he already had plans for the excess cash he’s sure to raise. “Extra money would go to making a video for ‘SIZE!’” he says. “The concept is unique–whole song would be a woman going about day doing normal stuff but singing the tune.” Some of the money will also go to promote the final product.

Here’s a video demo of “Eternal Bliss/Satan’s Kiss.”

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