Netflix and Joel Hodgson Announce Mystery Science Theater 3000 Return Date

The die-hard MSTies have no doubt heard this by now, but if you haven’t, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a release date! The innovative movie-riffing show is back April 14. Netflix announced just before 1 a.m. EST this morning, Tweeting a photo of the cast. Around the same time, show creator Joel Hodgson made the announcement to Kickstarter backers via e-mail, mentioning Netflix had just informed him after a screening and Q&A in Los Angeles for backers. So you have plenty of time to ask for that Friday off to get the jump on your binge-watching. That’s fourteen new episodes and a new cast to digest. Make sure you have plenty of water to keep hydrated, and maybe some space meals. And maybe butter. Big handfuls. Or to taste.

The Tweet from Netflix:

Click here to listen to a Department of Tangents minicast with Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, and Mary Jo Pehl, released last June to celebrate the MST3K Reunion Show hosted by RiffTrax. For good measure, here’s a clip from that show.

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