Chris Fleming’s New Holiday Tradition – Gigi the Christmas Snake

Have you been chill this Christmas season? Or have you been rank? If it’s rank, I hope you have a guest room and infinite patience. These are the rules as applied by Gigi the Christmas Snake, from “Gayle” creator and star Chris Fleming. And if ever there was a video that better embodied the spirit of tangenting, I have yet to see it.

Fleming excels at the odd. The first time I saw him perform, he did a bird mating ritual that reminded me of Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks,” and shortly after that, the prototype for what became “Gayle” — a power-walking suburban housewife on a demented hero’s journey through the local mall. Gigi fits comfortably into Fleming’s madcap world, but it’s fun to see him play it straight while everything around him is nuts. A bit of a different dynamic.

To see where Fleming is touring, check his Facebook page. Enjoy the cake.

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