Daily Horror Film Fest: This Way Up

Welcome to the DoT Daily Horror Film Fest! Throughout the month, I’ll be featuring new horror every weekday. Sometimes that will be indie films, sometimes it’ll be big-name stuff, shorts, or even TV shows. Scary, funny, schlocky, quiet, eerie – something for the well-rounded horror fan. Plus interviews with filmmakers and a chance to support projects still in the works. Today’s feature is the animated short This Way Up from Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes of nexus.

This short was an Oscar nominee for 2008, and it’s easy to see why. It’s both whimsical and, at times, horrific, and it creates its own world. This Way Up is the story of two especially dedicated funeral home workers trying to get a casket to its final resting place. It’s wordless (except for a few grunts), and there is a lot of physical humor, especially in the first half. The second half is a rendering of a funky underworld, fascinating and terrifying in its conception. And it all ends with a snappy musical number. In “C.” A bouncy “C.”

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