Daily Horror Film Fest: Monster Problems

Welcome to the DoT Daily Horror Film Fest! Throughout the month, I’ll be featuring new horror every weekday. Sometimes that will be indie films, sometimes it’ll be big-name stuff, shorts, or even TV shows. Scary, funny, schlocky, quiet, eerie – something for the well-rounded horror fan. Plus interviews with filmmakers and a chance to support projects still in the works. Today’s feature is Monster Problems from Adam Green (Hatchet, Holliston) and ArieScope.

The folks at ArieScope put out a new Halloween short every year. Last year’s entry is going to be tough to beat. There are rules that monsters have to follow if they are going to eat children, and every kid is born knowing them. This is a peek behind the scene at how those rules effect the monsters and their livelihoods. And it features a cameo from the mascot of Newbury Comics, the place you’ll most likely find me picking music on new release day.

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