Daily Horror Film Fest: Vicious

Welcome to day one of the DoT Daily Horror Film Fest! Throughout the month, I’ll be featuring new horror every weekday. Sometimes that will be indie films, sometimes it’ll be big-name stuff, shorts, or even TV shows. Scary, funny, schlocky, quiet, eerie – something for the well-rounded horror fan. Plus interviews with filmmakers and a chance to support projects still in the works. We kick off the Fest with Vicious, from writer/director Oliver Park.

Park has been acting in short films like Watch Over Me and Stop/Eject for the past few years. This is his first time writing and directing, and he’s made a nicely creepy start. Vicious follows a familiar horror theme – you’re alone in the house, but there’s something with you. But there’s more than one beat to it. The design is gorgeous. The odd angle of the shot looking up the stairs, the foreboding artwork on the wall, even the nods to found footage. It all works together quite well to create this off-kilter world. There are jump scares, but there are also some wonderful moments that take their time to unravel, like the “pile of clothes” scene.

There is more coming from Park. He says on the film’s Web site that Vicious is the first of three horror films he has planned, and he’s getting started on the second one, Still. To find out more, go to the Vicious Web site or Park’s own site.


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