Department of Tangents Minicast Ep5: Interview Flashback with Carl Reiner

This was one of my favorite interviews for the Globe, not only because Carl Reiner had so much to say, but because he and his crew were such warm and gracious people. I sat for a couple of hours in Carl Reiner’s living room, asking questions about every aspect of his career, from Sid Caesar’s Caesar’s Hour and Your Show of Shows to creating The Dick Van Dyke Show to directing The Jerk and The Man with Two Brains, on up to his current streak of memoirs with his publishing imprint Random Content. In this bit, we talk about two sketches in particular – “The Three Haircuts” and “The Clock” – which are essentially viewing for anyone who loves or works with the format. We moved around the map a bit, also talking about Billy Crystal, Bob Fosse, and why Reiner never used slang on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The other voices you hear are Lawrence O’Flahaven of Random Content and legendary manager George Shapiro.

And here are the two sketches:

The Three Haircuts

The Clock

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