Department of Tangents Podcast Ep5 – Filmmakers and Musicians Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola

My guests for Episode 5 are filmmakers and musicians Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola, who have been working at the hellish pace of writing, producing, and directing one horror film a year for the past three years. Two of them, Ten and Magnetic, are available to stream now, and the third, Blood of the Tribades, is making its way through the festival circuit. Epstein and Cacciola area creative force and community builders, and we discussed everything from narrative structure to nudity in horror films to how a podcast should start while sitting around their kitchen table late one evening.

For more info on the movies, visit these sites:

Ten: The Movie
Magnetic: The Movie
Blood of the Tribades

Also, at the end of the podcast, a track from comedian Dan Boulger’s upcoming album, Not Ready For This, which is available May 11 on iTunes and elsewhere.

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Subscribe to the DoT Podcast on iTunes!

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