Dot Podcast: Bonus Ep2- Noel Fielding and The Grownup Noise

The Department of Tangents Podcast Bonus Episode! Normally, I’ll be posting a new podcast every month. But since Noel Fielding (The Might Boosh, Luxury Comedy) is on tour now and half the dates will be done by next month, I decided to post this now.

I spoke with Fielding for a piece in the Boston Globe ahead of his dates at the Wilbur. It was, as fans would guess, a wonderfully surreal show. Rich Fulcher and brother Michael Fielding were along, which made for a bit of a Boosh reunion. Fulcher seemed to be testing Fielding by going off script and making Fielding laugh. Plus, the Moon! Live, hanging up there on the stage. Beautiful.

We end this episode with the thoughtful, tuneful Grownup Noise and their song, “Eating Our Own” from their latest album Stewing.

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